A plastic surgery disaster: Alicia Douvall before and after surgery

Alicia Douvall at the age of 17

Obviously, every woman in the world wishes to be more beautiful, more perfect and attractive in other people’s eyes especially celebrities. The appearance of plastic surgery has brought a new hope to them, thanks to the innovation in technology. Although, it costs them a lot time, patience, effort, pain, money as well, there are some […]

Bristol Palin before and after surgery

Bristol Palin plastic surgery

What do you think about the beauty of Bristol Palin before and after surgery? Obviously, every famous star craves for the most perfect look in their fans’ eyes. Thus, it costs them a lot money, time, effort or even pain to beautify themselves without hesitation. There are also celebrities undergoing plastic surgeries to look more […]

Easy admission against Korean plastic surgery before after

Korean plastic surgery before after

K-pop is generally popular all over the world and plays an indispensable part of music life of thousands of people. As a result, Korean musicians in particular and famous actors, actresses in general are well-known and idols of thousands of people due to their talents and beauty. However, besides some natural beauty, most of them […]

Carla Bruni: The Case of Overdone Plastic Surgery

Carla Bruni plastic surgery

Have you ever heard about Carla Bruni – an Italian singer, songwriter and former model or wife of the then President of the French Republic? She was a sensational entertainer and more famous as the first lady of Nicolas Sarkozy. With the exquisite beauty, perfect body, she was once lauded as one of the world’s […]