Bad plastic surgery stars

On the television screen often flashed people, whose body was done by plastic surgeons. Ordinary viewers must envy silicone charms and the same dream of becoming beautiful. Only here the money from the audience is much smaller than stars, but many are afraid of the surgery, as well as consequences. Worth mentioning that this fear is justified completely. This on-screen stars beautiful and happy and no one knows the tears shed they sskolko because of unsuccessful plastic surgery.

Singer Jessica Simpson has always dreamed of the perfect body, so it seems to be constantly on diets and lost weight a decent amount of pounds. At the same time, Jessica had lost breast shape and simply sagged. This is where the girl and asked the help of plastic surgery. Chest she did, she took the form, but the breasts look like stars at least strange, because they have different sizes and asymmetrical.

Jessica Simpson plastic surgeryJessica Simpson plastic surgery

Actress Kate Beckinsale also ventured on Breast Implants, and then appeared on her chest terrible stretch marks.

Kate Beckinsale plastic surgeryKate Beckinsale plastic surgery photo

Young star Lindsay Lohan is so pumped with silicone breast, that he occasionally slips under his arm, and during the silicone breast dance as jumps, it seems that the singer will fly now.
Breast augmentation surgery in general can be considered one of the most difficult, because often mamoplastika fails, as shown by the stars.

Our favorite actress Lyudmila Gurchenko for some reason decided to change the shape of the nose, and she decided to do it in old age (70 years). Naturally, the actress was given rhinoplasty hard and after her face was terribly disfigured. The reason for an unsuccessful operation is not in bad doctors, just broke the law of the Rhinoplasty plastic surgery because rhinoplasty is prohibited to persons aged 35 years.

The legendary Marilyn Monroe one of the first went on the risk and had her rhinoplasty, then she could not come for a long time in itself.

bad plastic surgery

Singer Valery Leontiev did not want to grow old and, therefore, decided to rejuvenate and made himself a lift lids. Due to medical error, an important muscle was damaged, responsible for lifting the upper eyelid. For this reason the artist could not close his eyes, which gave a lot of inconvenience, especially to sleep.
But the champion of unsuccessful plastic surgery has become Michael Jackson. A series of plastic surgeries singer started from rhinoplasty, after she had a huge number of plastic.

In fact, plastic surgery may be necessary, can help to stop time, to cope with old age, but it is worth remembering that any operation responsible step that needs to be addressed only to think things through and carefully weighed.



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