Cameron Diaz plastic surgery


If anyone used to watch the movie “Charlie’s Angels”, you are bound not to forget the beautiful rose named Cameron Diaz. Not only is she a famous American actress but she is also a fabulous model. Though her beauty is undeniable, some people rumor that Cameron Diaz has undergone some plastic surgery procedures. So is it true that she has had work done? Judging from the unusual looks in some of her recent photos, it seems that the information about Cameron Diaz plastic surgery is correct.

Taking a careful look at her recent photos, you can notice that there are some changes on Cameron’s face and body. Hence, it can be concluded that she must have had cosmetic surgery such as Botox injections, breast augmentation and nose job.

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery

As you can see from Cameron Diaz’s outermost left side of the photo, she was once so beautiful and sexually attractive. However, after using Botox which is a kind of toxin helps people eliminate unwanted wrinkles, Cameron’s face looks somehow ridiculous and almost freakish. According to Dr. Kenneth – a celeb specialist, he says that after having work done for her face, Cameron Diaz has “chipmunk cheeks” and “frozen face”. And you may notice something else from the middle and right side of the photo, her face looks pretty shiny in an usual way. Specifically, her forehead seems excessively smooth and that must be the consequence of having Botox injections.

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery

How about breast implants? Cameron Diaz used to have flat chest. However, recently, her body shape looks a bit voluptuous, especially her bust has gotten bigger. Consequently, this sparks speculations that Cameron has had breast enhancement. According to an expert in the field of plastic surgery, she may have added two sizes to her breast from A-cup to C-cup. Cameron Diaz herself has not confirmed anything about this; however, in the past, she used to say that she would not rule out any plastic surgery possibilities.

Cameron Diaz nose jobCameron Diaz plastic surgery

In 2006, Cameron admitted to having had work done for her nose and it is called nose job, or rhinoplasty. In addition, she said that her having a nose job was for medical purposes since she had had broken it in a surfing accident.

Besides Cameron Diaz, there are quite a few other celebrities having plastic surgery in order to make themselves become more beautiful. For example, Demi Moore, Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland, Jessica Biel, Jessica Simpson, etc.

Cameron Diaz nose job

Cameron Diaz’s beauty is something that many women really want to possess. However, possessing beauty through having plastic surgery should be taken into great consideration. Cameron once looked awesome but now, her beauty is not as nearly perfect as before.



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    I remember Cameron before she looked the way she looks now. She was in a movie about a wedding singer/ something like that, and wow, did she not look as pretty, let’s say, as she does now!! Cam’ron D is alright with me!!

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