Celebrities bad plastic surgery

Many celebrities have plastic surgery done, but as we know, no one doctor can not guarantee 100% say what exactly will result in the end. Here is an example of 15 people who did not get quite the effect you’d like to.
At least, there are stars who are opposed to such operations and satisfied with their natural beauty. Pay attention to the Megan Fox photos in groups of social networks and understand why not all the cursing her appearance.
1. Jocelyn Vildenshteyn, spent on plastic surgery around 4 million dollars and all in order to keep beside her husband.

Jocelyn Vildenshteyn plastic surgery
2. Christina Aguilera at the time managed to tweak her nose shape. In principle, it is not disfigured pop diva, hopefully it will stop at this modest operation.

Christina Aguilera plastic surgery


3. Paris Hilton has gone much further than Christina, correcting the shape of the nose, which was not very successful, but also increased the size of the breast itself.

Paris Hilton plastic surgery
4. Brittany Murphy has corrected their nice little sponge on the duck :D
5. Sarah Jessica Parker. Changed the size and shape of the breast less attractive.

Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery
6. Michelle Pfeiffer. In her 50 Michelle has the same skin as well as in 30.

Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery
7. Bary Manilow. Did any one face-lift and injected a large dose of Botox to eventually get a “toy” person.

Bary Manilow plastic surgery
8. Daryl Hannah.

Daryl Hannah plastic surgery
9. Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson plastic surgery
10. Victoria Beckham. First, increased her chest, and then decreased. As a result, breast shape was quite unnatural.

Victoria Beckham plastic surgery



  1. i dont understand why they do that there so beautiful and they just mess there face and body uppp but you guys are beautiful no matter what :)

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