Charlize Theron plastic surgery

Charlize Theron, famous Hollywood actress, had plastic surgery, say U.S. experts respected in the field of plastic surgery. According to them, this may reflect the recent transformation of the 35-year-old actress, became a much better look than a decade ago. In its incomplete 35 years, her skin looks young and fresh, indicating that the actress mightuse the drug Botox. According to rumors, but “youth injections” Charlize did the plastic nose, and increased the size of their lips. Rumors about augmentation mammoplasty has not yet been confirmed: it seems breast actress really has not been surgically.

charlize theron plastic surgeryCharlize Theron plastic surgery

Today, the U.S. started a real debate about the causes of such a significant change of appearance of the actress, with most experts converge in opinion about the recourse to surgery Theron.


charlize theron plastic surgeryCharlize Theron plastic surgerycharlize theron plastic surgery

According to them, Theron has done lifting on the latest technology available in Beverly Hills, but also changed the shape of the cheeks with implants. Today, on this occasion even held a vote, but vote for the fans of the stars that Charlize did not go to a surgeon’s knife, and just lost weight, which is why her chubby cheeks have disappeared.

“Without a doubt, Charlize Theron took advantage of the technology” ribbon lift, operation, only recently began to be held in Beverly Hills and accessible only to the stars, because of its high cost, according to various estimates, more than 60 thousand dollars. We also believe that she took the implants, so her face has narrowed considerably, and the angular cheekbones become “- according to U.S. surgeons.

According to press reports, Charlize Theron was not the only celebrity to benefit from technology belt lift. Before her to the same “treatment” Madonna, whereas it is based on the introduction of soluble graft in the neck, then completely absorbed in the body and smoothing out wrinkles, changing the contours of the face.

Effect achieved as a result of this operation is stored two or three years. This is one of the revolutionary anti-aging operations.

Charlize Theron videos

A pictorial appreciation of the gorgeous and talented Charlize Theron with music by John Zorn.

Charlize Theron at 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood

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