Christina Aguilera Before And After Plastic Surgery

Sexy image of Christina – the result of stylists and plastic surgeons. Her first operation singer did in 18 years. Thanks to her breast the stars increased by 2 sizes. After birth, the singer was a bust even more magnificent. It was rumored that she made a second operation, but these data have not been confirmed. According to experts, on the contrary Christina decided to reduce it. Rumor has it that a star other than the breast, made a plastic nose and lips increased.

Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera 2011

On account of Christina Aguilera’s been four plastic surgery!


On account of the internationally acclaimed singer Christina Aguilera has a few plastic surgeries. This is despite the fairly young age – the singer was not yet 30. The very first operation Christina did at the dawn of her stellar career, she just turned 18. Produced by singer hinted that the voice of the young talent would be nice to add a delicious figure. The hint was understood, and the girl went to the clinic of aesthetic surgery. Through the intervention of plastic surgery bust Christina grew two sizes at once, which certainly has added to her popularity. Re Breast Implants singer made quite recently, after delivery to correct the shape of the breasts and even her little smaller. In addition, there were persistent rumors (and smoke without fire!), Which corrected the popular singer and something in her face – increased lip and rhinoplasty (nose correction). Although the star denied such rumors, it must be admitted that today bears little resemblance to Christina Aguilera to the one that just started climbing star Olympus.

Christina Aguilera Before And After Plastic SurgeryChristina Aguilera Before And After Plastic Surgery

Christina Aguilera Before And After Plastic Surgery

Christina Aguilera has created a new

Here is an example of this aesthetic heroism of our time: Christina Aguilera for her career and her husband made a chocolate candy if not, the candy, at least. Fans look at it, and they drool flowing. Especially when she shakes her thighs. Shaking and then, what it ultimately breast itself otbabahala: lush, vivid and memorable. Even when when he was dancing with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, she looked huduschey, nondescript plaque, now completely evolved. Sing really clumsy, but I tried, longish nose, chest, boys’. In general had a girl (after all it was a girl!) Re-sculpt itself. She increased her chest, changed the shape of the nose, lips, pumped, and learned to sing loudly and invitingly. Now, despite Aguilera, we take a view not only excited by the Poles, but also a bust. Now Britney and Timberlake can only obzavidovatsya and secretly sigh, looking at their shriveled bodies in the bathroom in front of a mirror. Particularly emaciated wretch with the years Justin.

Christina Aguilera Plastic SurgeryChristina Aguilera Before And After Plastic Surgery
One of the most famous American pop singers in their teens participated in the popular television show “The Mickey Mouse Club”
One of the most famous American pop singers in their teens participated in the popular television show “The Mickey Mouse Club”, where she met with some more future stars – Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. The first album released in 18 years, gave a concert at the White House on Christmas Eve 1999 performance at the opening ceremony of the annual ongoing in the U.S. Super Bowl football. Married to a popular music producer Jordan Bratmanom.


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