Daryl Hannah denies plastic surgery

Hollywood actress Daryl Hannah says she’s never resorted to cosmetic surgery. In an extensive interview to the British newspaper the actress has denied Daily Mail has operated cosmetic surgery and commented photographs made. Media affirmed that if she did.

Daryl Hannah denies plastic surgeryDaryl Hannah at present

“So many people in Los Angeles who have had cosmetic surgery and all seem to puppet,”. “There was a picture of me out of the sea with hair slicked back and no make up. It seemed that her face was swollen, eyes closed and spread the rumor that I had operated. I have lost work because of this and thought of suing the media, but in the U.S. have to prove malicious intent. “

She continues: “I have a little chin, and sometimes I look in the mirror and think,” Oh my God! but I’m too chicken to go to a surgeon for anything but saving lives. “

Daryl Hannah has had several times entered the operating room, but due to fractures and injuries from horseback riding or filming movies.

Daryl Hannah plastic surgeryThe photograph led to the rumor

This is the photo that triggered rumors of a possible facelift. Photo from Us Magazine.


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