Face of ‘ideal woman’ according to plastic surgeons

Marie Claire’s magazine (Australian edition) published a picture that they claimed summarizes the most frequent requests to plastic surgeons with regard to facial cosmetic surgery. According to this magazine for women who come to the plastic surgeon often ask:

Mad Men beauty January Jones has cheeks that are hankered after, while Anne Hathaway’s eyes are a winner.

Natalie Portman’s small, streamlined nose is chosen above all others and paired with Scarlett Johansson’s mouth – her famous full pout attracting the attention of the cosmetic patients.

Halle Berry‘s sculpted jawline was chosen as the ideal way to shape a face, while, though not a cosmetic procedure option, the image was finished with the blonde, gently curling tresses of country singer, Taylor Swift.

Celebrity plastic surgeryCelebrity plastic surgery

Of course, this is the typical story that has no more value than the purely anecdotal.

Visiting a plastic surgeon with a picture of some famous calling it seem to lead us safely to disappointment. The nose is the Neospora Natalie Natalie Portamn and fits in your face. In another, plus it cannot be copied, does not have to be just as well.


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