Jamie Lee Curtis breasts

Jamie Lee Curtis – A poor victim of breast enhancement in particular and plastic surgery in general.

Jamie Lee Curtis, also known as “scream queen”, is an American author and famous actress. Judging from her appearance, not many people believe that this fabulous actress had been through some plastic surgery procedures. Jamie did confess that she used to have knife-and-scissors operations in order to make her become more beautiful but in the end, the result was far below expectations. However, Jamie still has not confirmed whether or not she had breast implants in the past.

Unlike other celebrity plastic surgery case, since the result was not what she really wanted and it even made her beauty worsen, Jamie Lee Curtis said that plastic surgery is the most terrible fraud and she will never undergo any plastic surgery procedures in the future.

jamie lee curtis breastsJamie Lee Curtis breasts

About Jamie Lee Curtis breast implants, looking at this photo, many people may share the same thought that Jamie Lee Curtis must have had breast augmentation. Perhaps Jamie had breast implants just because she wanted to have a more attractive body. However, the result was disappointing and her body somehow did not look as well as before. After this incident, she has considered plastic surgery as an extremely bad conspiracy. Besides boosting her bust, Jamie also underwent liposuction, blepharoplasty and Botox injection, but none of them seemed to work out.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a poor victim of plastic surgery, but not only her. There are many other well-known celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan, etc. assumed having fallen into the trap of plastic surgery. What they lost is not only money but also their precious beauty.

Jamie used to put it: “I’ve had a little plastic surgery. I’ve had a little lipo. I’ve had a little Botox. And you know what? None of it works. None of it”. Yes, and we have to mention that Jamie Lee Curtis breast implants did not serve her well. Through her expression, we can see a deep regret and bitter disappointment. Becoming a victim of plastic surgery is a real bottleneck to her and she has promised to herself that thing like this will never ever happen again in the rest of her life.

jamie lee curtis plastic surgeryJamie Lee Curtis plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has caused too much trouble for Jamie Lee Curtis breasts. She had been through a tough, hard time suffering from the bad consequences of plastic surgery procedures and what she received was nothing more than the worsening of her body shape. So that is the reason why Jamie Lee Curtis, from now on, will have no connection with any form of plastic surgery like breast implants.


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