Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery – Before & After Pictures 2011, 2012

Julia Roberts – the beauty of beauties, life was a modest first breast size, but no one ever said that she had something wrong. Having a specific exclusive exterior face, she had never done rhinoplasty. In my ’42, it looks great good. Childbirth is not worsened by her looks, and the correct way of life, which she is proud to support the body in fighting vitality. But this summer, Roberts, despite the vehement statements and otkreschivaniya of plastic, still increased her breast size of a third. The bust has increased markedly, although we have become accustomed to her classic third.

Julia Roberts Plastic SurgeryJulia Roberts Plastic Surgery

Yes, as it was not surprising, but a fanatical opponent of plastic surgery, Julia Roberts, still had the surgery! Let us recall that Julie has always been one of those selebretis who tirelessly fought for the natural beauty, all the forces denied any surgical intervention, and never tired of repeating that “never will not do!”. But. Not so long ago, while on holiday in Hawaii, the actress appeared in front of the paparazzi to the changed figure. Or rather – with a new grudyu. Dzhuliya which the Lord has given first in size, now shone with at least a third. No padded bras, push-ups, no – the usual bikini, which could not visually enlarge breast.

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery

Therefore, as you know, only one conclusion – the successful Breast Implants! Agree, that amazing? So many years to prove one thing, so you do not care to go against his words, and do the surgery. By the way, can not recall that, recently, Julie has chosen to do the role of a housewife, and in all his interviews said that does not make even a pedicure. And this, on the same beach, it was more than noticeable! Pedicure was not in sight, and as yet it turned out, the actress completely abandoned … hair removal. Of course, she had once said it, but at that time no one took it seriously. As it turns out now – it is not joking. Indeed, the hair on her body and her pedicure did not confuse. But from the new breast, apparently, she could not refuse. Yeah … surprise us, Roberts, just surprised!

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures?

So, the jury is still out. Has Julia Roberts had plastic surgery?

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