Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery Nose Job and Breast Implants

Kelly Rowland, born on February 11th 1981, is a famous American singer, songwriter and actress.  She was well-known for her music career as one of the members founding the American girl group called Destiny’s Child. Despite her undeniable fame, some rumor about Kelly Rowland plastic surgery has been aroused. Is it true that Kelly had gone under the knife? Kelly, on her own, did confess that she had undergone plastic surgery. So what exact kind of plastic surgery had the celebrity Kelly Rowland been through? As she confessed, she had been under the knife for breast implants. Besides, rumor has it that Kelly also had a nose job and Botox injections to enhance her beauty.

Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery Nose JobKelly Rowland Breast Implants

Every star always has beautiful dreams of having a pretty face, a perfect body building and so does Kelly Rowland. In an interview more than two years ago, Kelly admitted that she had got breast implants. As she said: “I didn’t want to have double Ds and be a little bitty size two, that would look nuts. I was sick of not fitting into my tops. There was this one really hot House of Dereon top, I just wanted to fill that out. It is a decision I made for myself and  I like it”. And she did not regret after getting breast implants. On the contrary, she expressed her happiness since having breast going from A-cup to B-cup does really make her body look more ideal and wonderful. What’s more? With that huge breast and ideal body, she could fit into different nice clothes like biniki, many kinds of dress and even gained more confidence. Lots of people, until now, do not really take kindly to the fact of Kelly Rowland plastic surgery, especially her breast implants. However, all what Kelly did was truly for her own sake and for the fashion’s sake, not for her work or anybody else.

Kelly Rowland Breast Implants

How about nose job, or we can say Rhinoplasty? Kelly Rowland was supposed to have been under the knife for nose job, though she still did not admit it. Some people expressed their opinions that Kelly’s nose now is thinner and more defined than before by analyzing details of her face in some photos. Her previous nose, which had a wider bridge and was quite bulbous, was not as good-looking as the sophisticated new one. In addition, there are many opinions given that Kelly Rowland is a celebrity having a good reputation; hence, stress and pressure from work are inevitable. And nose job was just something she had in order that her appearance could be enhanced better. One more interesting thing, Kelly Rowland was very careful when she considered having a rhinoplasty, because there is no huge difference of her nose before and after the nose job. It must have been that Kelly had gone to a great surgeon who could maintain her nose’s nature and proportion without changing a lot her face.

Kelly Rowland 2012

What’s next? Botox injection is a common way that many women have undergone nowadays. So what is Botox and how can it support to the women’s beauty? Botox, in reality, is a toxin. The reason why so many women, nowadays, use this kind of toxin is that Botox helps them get full and juicy lips. Besides, Botox does help hide away their wrinkles since unexpected wrinkles are always things that worry and concern women most. However, Botox will be extremely dangerous if you overuse it and, of course, the consequences can be body poisoning and even death. About Kelly, she did refuse to rule out any surgery in the future, but definitely would avoid using Botox for fear of permanently freezing her face.

Kelly Rowland was kind of brave when she admitted having breast augmentation, which is the thing that most of the celebrities would deny in front of media scrutiny. As all of you can see, plastic surgery has nearly become a norm over the past few years with stars showing on the red carpet. Moreover, it is the human rights that each person can have his or her own way to become more attractive. And Kelly Rowland plastic surgery is just a case like that. Yes, Kelly had gone under the knife for breast enhancement, had work done for nose job, but no Botox injections. However, what we care is her voice, her contributions to music, not much for her appearance; so it is natural for a famous celebrity like Kelly Rowland to have plastic surgery.


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