Kim kardashian before and after

Actress, model and socialite Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the sight of TV cameras and reporters meticulous. Private life has long been a star for the main source of income – which is why all the “inconvenient” questions, including those related to plastic surgery, the star always respond openly and deployed.
But the fact that these responses are more sincere and sometimes there are big doubts. Numerous rumors attributed to Kim Kardashian variety of plastic surgery from plastic nose to the setting of gluteal implants. She herself has denied any interference in its appearance from the surgery – although it does not argue that he was pleased to address them in the future.

What plastic surgery has done Kim Kardashian?

These statements can be safely left to the conscience of the stars: as is known, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times, it is much more plausible conclusions can be drawn from photographs by Kim over the years.

kim kardashian before and after plastic surgery

Kardashian in 2006 and 2011

kim kardashian Before and After Plastic SurgeryBefore and after rhinoplasty …

Synthesize the views of prominent American surgeons, as well as journalists and ordinary fans of the stars, you can create a list of plastic surgery, which, with varying degrees of probability, spent Kim Kardashian:

Breast Enlargement
Glyuteoplastika (increase in the buttocks)
In addition, there is no doubt regular injections of Botox and contour correction with fillers, by which on the face of Kim still can not find not a single wrinkle.

Kim Kardashian before and after plastic surgery photos

“Overall, I’m not against plastic, but I’ve never anything like this with him did not. And all these rumors I have a very strong strain. When I turn to a plastic surgeon – I myself first talk about this, like everything else, what I do “- Kim swore in an interview. Unfortunately, to accept the word for it is very difficult, because the star count “before and after” sometimes suggest otherwise.
The photographs 2009-2011, the nose looks like Kim Kardashian is slightly shorter, has a clear outline and a more pronounced tip, for example, than in 2006. Very similar to the result of the so-called “conservative” rhinoplasty, in which small defects are removed, but retained the individuality and natural forms.

A plastic surgeon Jeffrey Ronsli believes that the changes of the nose, Kim made her facial features are close to perfect, forming a single, correct shape of the nose and brow line.


J. Ronsli marked the key changes in the shape of the nose Kim Kardashian after the operation: the blue line shown has become symmetrical nose and eyebrows, green – change in the amount of the tip of the nose, red – Reorient tip

Kardashian herself has repeatedly mentioned that his nose is not too happy with it, podumavala of plastic surgery and even went on this occasion to consult a surgeon. “But when I saw on the computer simulated result – immediately got sick to be operated. It was not my nose and my face, but for me it is essential to preserve the individuality, “- she said. Well, apparently the result of Kim and her surgeon did manage to find a mutually acceptable solution.

Kim Kardashian - Plastic breasts and buttocks

Not less controversy arises over the chest socialite. Famous American plastic surgeon, a specialist in “star plastic” Anthony Youn says that its regular shape and relatively large body size Kardashian clearly indicate installed implants.

kim kardashian Before and After Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian breasts after the alleged plastic

Kim, in turn, dug up and posted in his blog one of my old pictures – on the 14-year-old starlet posing in a swimsuit, showing a full-fledged third bust size. “In 11 years I went with the size of« C », and if I now unfasten the bra – you probably will say that I will not prevent breast lift. And I really do it, but only after the birth of children “- she said.
The comments immediately poured reasonable requests to show a similar picture “sirloin” of the star – not a secret that prominent buttocks are not the only major brand of Kim Kardashian, but also the subject of much gossip about the installed implants and silicone injections.

Buttocks Kim Kardashian

Buttocks Kim Kardashian has always been her calling card

However, in this same issue Anthony Youn expressed the opposite opinion. “Despite the fact that the buttocks Kardashian look absolutely unnatural, their size and in fact may be due to heredity. I have had several patients with a similar type of figure and none of them did not increase his buttocks, “- he explained.
In appendage to this argument, Kim has an X-ray, which, by design, should be clear that no foreign objects in her pelvis is not contained. Assess whether this is true is difficult because of the poor quality photo, but logic dictates that, reshis Kim Kardashian on plastic surgery, she would not distort the proportions of the buttocks and tried to give them a more naturalistic look.

Kardashian, cellulite and liposakitsii

In an episode of the reality show «Keeping Up with the Kardashians», Kim and her sister Chloe were sessions on anti-cellulite VelaShape, whose action is based on the combined effects of radiofrequency energy, infrared heating and vacuum massage. In fact, it is a commercial for the device, generously paid for beauty salons «American Laser Center».
Advertising was not too successful, because of significant changes to the figure Kardashian after the session has not happened (in fairness it should be noted that pronounced cellulite and she was not). But the fans have noticed that, despite the impressive size of the buttocks, excess fat in the adjacent parts of the body – the hips, back and abdomen – Kim is not observed.
This has caused a wave of talk about another plastic surgery, Kim Kardashian, this time – liposuction. In addition, the star itself and told me that in carrying out liposuction back in 2004 insisted that her ex-husband Damon Thomas. It is difficult to say anything for sure, but not quite a natural imbalance between the type and shape of body fat Kim definitely has.
That may explain the liposuction and so gives the size of the buttocks Kardashian star of visually emphasized them, removing some fat from the lower back and hips. By the way, absolutely the same operation did another famous owner of the giant priests – Nicole Coco Austin, with whom Kim has long-standing friendly relations.


Kim Kardashian and Botox

Botox injections are the only procedure for which Kim Kardashian has never denied – and even made ??them “the public” in the reality show, detailing all of their senses.
And in 2011, to Botox, it seems, were added and fillers based on hyaluronic acid. The combination of these drugs is an excellent remedy for wrinkles, but a “side effect” could be a general change in shape and facial expressions.
This effect can be observed on Kim New Year Photos – her face looks like a frozen mask and is very similar to wax your own copy of the star, provided by the famous Madame Tussauds museum.

Kim Kardashian Before and After Plastic Surgery


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