Kim Kardashian doesn’t have plastic surgery

The famous Kim Kardashian was interviewed a few days ago on ABC News Nightline and admitted that on several occasions has used botox but that hasn’t plastic surgery.
kim kardashian Before and After Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery

Although the most famous of the Kardashian sisters said that is not against plastic surgery if clear in the program that was invited, who has not practiced any of them.But I found that on several occasions resorted to Botox to rejuvenatey our skin and some wrinkles disappear. “I’m not totally against plastic surgery,” she explained, “I tried to use botox before, that’s all I’ve done.” “I never had any surgery on my nose, in fact,” said Kim who claim has been practiced several surgeries on her face.

The 29 year old said she has often wanted to do something with her nose if she does not like, but when the doctor has shown how she would repent, for she knows that ultimately she will not like the results .

The TV star said that no parts of her face has turned to Botox but was told on several occasions. She also denied having breast surgery.


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