Rhinoplasty – a radical step to the dream

According to statistics, most people are not happy with the shape of your nose, it was rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) is one of the most popular plastic surgery.

According to Med.Portal, indication for rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgical change is the desire to patient. However, there are absolute indications for such operations. It is congenital and acquired deformities. By birth defects, affecting the nose and on the state include such diseases as cleft lip or cleft palate. Acquired deformities or defects are mainly due to injuries. The contraindications for this operation a lot – it’s chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, liver, asthma and drug allergy. In these cases, the person offering to treat the underlying disease, and then proceed to rhinoplasty. In addition, an absolute contraindication is a patient of mental instability, mental illness. The optimum age for such an operation – from 18 to 40 years. However, the lower age limit can be slightly moved. For example, in cases where the girl was formed and the doctor is clear that major changes in the person did not happen, you may want rhinoplasty. Typically, requests to have surgery before the age of 18 are associated with changes in the patient’s personal life (marriage, admission to university) and accounted for by doctors.

plastic surgery

After 40 years, doctors almost never agree on rhinoplasty. The fact is that at this age has already begun withering skin, reduced elasticity, disturbed metabolism. The consequence may be postoperative deformation – rhinoplasty based on changes in the bones of the nose, on the basis of a new skin should “sit” (surgeons call this process retraction). If the elasticity of the skin is broken, after surgery, your nose will look unnatural, there may be additional strain and wrinkles. In addition, at this age the rehabilitation period lasts much longer.
With standard surgery complete rehabilitation occurs within four months. However, two weeks after the operation the nose and face are of the form that will continue in the future. However, complete healing of internal tissues occurs not earlier than after 3-4 months.

Side effects

Rhinoplasty – surgery is serious, for plastic surgeons is aerobatics. In general, in Moscow there are about 300 plastic surgeons, and only 20-30 can make such a delicate operation to fully and without unwanted complications.
Rarest forms of complications after rhinoplasty may be fester, until sepsis, severe bleeding and even death.
But these are exceptions. Basically, the main side effects were and are unfavorable for the patient’s nose shape, worsening of breathing, adhesions, deviated septum, anosmia.
According to statistics, 25-29 percent of the noses of redesigns. The main reason for the repeated appeals – the patient is not satisfied with the form of the nose.However, there are curious cases where the patient requires the removal of the smallest, no obscure or invented them of changes and defects.
Virtually none of the survivors not seek rhinoplasty in order to restore the original shape of the nose, even if the result was not as impressive as expected. Although it is reshaping the nose – a task doable. Nevertheless, it is connected with many difficulties. Usually rhinoplasty is performed to reduce congestion and for reconstructive surgery or need to take bone-cartilage material from the patient or substitute its artificial.

How to see what the new nose?

Rhinoplasty, as such, there was little more than 100 years ago, when a German surgeon Joseph developed a method that is partly used up to now. Then the patients showed what would be their face after the operation in the figures. Later they began to make plaster models. There is now an opportunity simulation entity in which the patient may, with millimeter precision to consider its new face.

Of what makes noses?

The new shape of the nose surgeon creates with bone and cartilage of the patient, as well as by means of artificial materials, mainly silicon.


After surgery, patients show physical therapy, massage, antibiotics under medical supervision, immunostimulants and vitamins. In an exact implementation of such prescribing, likelihood of rejection is significantly reduced. However, the rejection though rare, still occur.

The patient should keep in mind that he would have a lifetime of care not to injure the new nose, to prevent the development of sinusitis, infections of the nasopharynx, because the nasal bone, even after the most successful operations still will not be “complete.”

Fashion for noses

According to the surgeons on their noses, as in everything else, there is a fashion. Nowadays it has become fashionable so-called “European noses,” that is not long straight noses without hump, slightly upturned with narrow wings and a thin nose.
Previously, fashion and more interesting was the “Caucasian nose” – a thin, narrow, with a small hump. Unfortunately, even the owners of “classic” noses tend to alter it.

The nose is changed, the face of the old …

In recent years, doctors themselves are looking at other rhinoplasty look, suitable for the operation of complex. After all, beauty – is not only a beautiful form of the nose or the shape of the face, and the harmony of the whole person. Very often, in order to achieve this harmony is necessary, for example, push a little chin, remove bags under the eyes, augment the lips or change their shape, raise eyebrows. And if the patient is aged, the surgeon conducting the rhinoplasty can be a little to tighten wrinkles, liposuction to her neck. In addition, along with rhinoplasty sometimes eliminate droopy ears.

Changed the nose, change the lives of

Almost always after a successful operation to change the shape of the nose, patients qualitatively different life. New attractive appearance changes the relationship of man to himself, his psychology. Some of the patients before surgery so obsessed with its faults, it prevents them from learning, careers, raise families. Often, patients with a form of the nose, change and work partner, and so on.

Nose as a master

Rhinoplasty – the work piece, surgeons successfully practicing in this field, they know by name. Make a nose Pavlichenko Wolfe, Rusakov Tapii, Nerobeeva, Osipova means a kind of quality certification.
The average cost of rhinoplasty surgery from 800 to 2 thousand dollars.


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