Stars with plastic surgery

Image – our all!

Modern plastic surgery has long been associated not only with the correction of congenital defects of appearance: plastic surgery pictures of stars before and after are proof of that. Today it is an industry that allows infinitely aspire to his ideals.

Numerous Hollywood stars plastic surgery has long been no surprise. Evaluating plastic surgery photos of stars before and after, comes to mind only one phrase: “There is no limit to perfection.”

It’s no secret that celebrities do not like to advertise their visits to plastic surgeons, improved technology only contributes to this. Is that the stars after plastic surgery are becoming more attractive and fans immediately notice the changes in the exterior of their idols. It is often noticeable plastic surgery stars before and after photos which you can easily compare and make sure that without the help of plastic surgeons, famous people noticeably Getting better.

Beauty is expensive

For example, Victoria Beckham, was recognized as “style icon”, probably more than once to adjust its “natural beauty”. In her kitty rhinoplasty, cheek reduction, reshaping eyebrows, lip correction. And if Megan Fox plastic surgery has any doubt, that of Victoria do not. The star after plastic surgery photos quite markedly different from the earlier pictures. In addition to the Victoria improved its shape using liposuction and breast augmentation.

Victoria Beckham plastic surgeryStars with plastic surgery

A young man – the additional cost of plastic

According to Demi Moore, she turned to plastic surgery, but it had nothing to do with her face. Experts, however, accuses her of duplicity. One can argue whether there have been cosmetic surgery Megan Fox, but the correction of strabismus star “Striptease” is meaningless to deny. Additionally, Demi Moore went through rhinoplasty and repeated injections or Restylane yuviderm. As for the body, then there exists a standard “Hollywood set”: breast augmentation, liposuction abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Today, Demi Moore looks chic pr.osto for his age.

Secretly tell the whole world … botox!

Keeps secret his visits to plastic surgeons and Nicole Kidman. She categorically denies the existence of plastic on his face, though, according to experts, there was a tip of the nose rhinoplasty, correction of the lips and eyebrows. The last procedure did not wear surgical intervention, there were numerous Botox injections. Now look after plastic surgery star photos very different from her earlier pictures.

All in good time

Perhaps the most enduring star can be named Madonna. Despite its for show-business age, Madonna was first resorted to the help of plastic surgery recently. Many of the stars after plastic surgery denies the intervention of doctors, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity. Fortunately, Madonna is no exception, and of his desire to return the youth does not make a secret, even though plastic surgery Hollywood stars seldom so openly discussed. Madonna did blepharoplasty, correction of the lips, forehead lift and neck, jaw and facial contours.

Madonna plastic surgeryStars with plastic surgery

Oops! And again under the knife!

If a lot of celebrities are coming to plastic surgeons for “youth”, then there are those stars who tirelessly improve themselves under the knife already in his early youth. For example, Britney Spears, who made his first breast augmentation and rhinoplasty still under age. It’s no secret that many of the stars after plastic surgery again returned to their surgeons for help in order to improve other parts of the body. That’s Britney, after several years, again came to improve the breast.

Briney Spears plastic surgery photosStars with plastic surgery

Transformation or Illusion?

The star of “Transformers” Megan Fox is accused of almost complete change in appearance, apart from its beauty entirely artificial. Probable plastic surgery Megan Fox have long been a subject of controversy. Most likely, the actress has adjusted a bit and increased the lip and rhinoplasty. Although the young star after plastic surgery photos is virtually identical to images of school years. The only noticeable that with the help of plastic surgeons, it has increased the breast, but a rare celebrity avoids this temptation.

To lead the search of the ideal?

Discuss plastic surgery pictures of stars before and after today is not only fashionable but also useful, because we realize that plastic surgery can not only change the appearance but also help to cope with birth defects. To date, the opportunity to see stars plastic surgery before and after photos provide an opportunity to see the real result of the transformation of people. Following the Hollywood stars decided to become a younger, prettier and more attractive, which means that there is always room for improvement, details in the article, plastic surgery stars in U.s, before and after photos.

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