The model made a hundred plastic surgeries, but still unhappy

Alicia Duvall

I have had so many operations that some parts of my body after they have lost all sensitivity. I no longer feel my stomach, left breast and right armpit. But I’m still unhappy with their appearance and can not guarantee that another will not lie under the surgeon’s scalpel! – Recognizes the British model Alicia […]

Bad plastic surgery stars

Jessica Simpson plastic surgery

On the television screen often flashed people, whose body was done by plastic surgeons. Ordinary viewers must envy silicone charms and the same dream of becoming beautiful. Only here the money from the audience is much smaller than stars, but many are afraid of the surgery, as well as consequences. Worth mentioning that this fear […]

Unsuccessful plastic surgery: what to do?

bad plastic surgery

Any person, before deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery, should be very clearly understood that each, even the most simple plastic, carries risks. As they say themselves surgeons, plastic body – a kind of lottery, in which someone wins and someone loses. Of course, everyone wants to be lucky, but then there are those who are […]