Easy admission against Korean plastic surgery before after

Korean plastic surgery before after

K-pop is generally popular all over the world and plays an indispensable part of music life of thousands of people. As a result, Korean musicians in particular and famous actors, actresses in general are well-known and idols of thousands of people due to their talents and beauty. However, besides some natural beauty, most of them […]

Did Kim Yuna have plastic surgery?

Kim Yuna plastic surgery

Olympic champion in 2010, a South Korean skater serving in singles. 19-year-old girl became the first representative of South Korea, which had had success in the international arena. In late 2008 the car manufacturer Hyundai Motor has become the official sponsor of the skater, and in 2009, the company is Samsung, the exhibitionWorld IT Show 2009 presented a new mobile phone on the girl. According to rumors, the most popular in Asian countries to change the operation of the eastern section of the eye to […]

Beauty in Korean poison instead of botox

plastic surgery korean

South Korean scientists have developed a cosmetic product on the basis of bee venom. According to them, it soon will replace the painful injections of Botox. The secret of a new cream that when applied to the skin of his body will react as if the person bitten by bees, according to Daily Mail. Korea plastic surgery […]