Tom Hanks Before and After

The famous American actor, who began as a comic actor roles, then managed to win the title of the best dramatic actor and get two awards “Oscar” in a row, one of which - for her role in “Philadelphia”. Known to work with Steven Spielberg, movies with this actor collected more revenue than movies with any other actor.

Tom Hanks Before and After

Not long ago, a ride on the cinemas of the world Hollywood movie “Angels & Demons” with star Tom Hanks. It should be noted that this tape was prepared actor seriously concerned and has already started to thin out the hair. And the whole thing in a successful hair transplant, which the actor says with ease. Prior to this he did injection procedure, laser cosme to logy, but it did not help. It is clear that you can use a wig during filming (as does Bruce Willis), but when the hair is natural - it is better for the Well of the actor himself and for us. A wig with long hours of filming - is profuse sweating, which leads to more hair loss, by the way.

Tom Hanks plastic surgery


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