Tori Spelling breast implants

When it comes to celebrities, have you ever heard of the name Tori Spelling? She is a well-known author and a fabulous American actress. And in the era of celebrity plastic surgery, Tori Spelling is not an exception. Tori Spelling got breast implants. Despite achieving great success in her career, Tori now still shows a bitter regret about the plastic surgery procedures, or rather, breast implants that she had been through when she was young. That incident is a real nightmare to her since it has made her body look a bit worse than before.

Tori Spelling did confess that she had gone under the knife for breast enlargement when she was in her twenties. At first, it seemed to have no side effects, but now, the bad consequences of breast augmentation are that her breast milk production is adversely affected a lot. This has caused Tori quite a few troubles in breastfeeding her babies.

Tori Spelling plastic surgery

Tori Spelling breast implants

Judging from this photo, you can see that Tori Spelling breast implants have never been perfect, even after her having work done. Can you guess what happened to her bust? From the photo, it seems that her cleavage has been tampered via plastic surgery. The shape of her breasts looks quite awkward and even worse after she underwent breast implants. According to a plastic surgeon, he commented: “It looks like they’ve sunk and they moved. They’ve dropped”. He presumed that pregnancy could also affect implants a lot, it may generally change the size and shape of her breasts as after having breast implants, Tori Spelling had to spend a great amount of time expecting a baby. “The bigger the implants, the more chances of sagging after pregnancy”, said a plastic surgery industry consultant. Tori has never expected such a thing like sagging would happen to her bust.

Tori Spelling breast implantsTori Spelling plastic surgery

What she has undergone is breast enhancement with silicone implants. And this has left uncomfortable marks on her body. As you can see from the photo, there are unpleasant dents in her cleavage. In general, Tori Spelling breast implants look a little bit unbalanced. And what Tori truly cares is her ability to breastfeed her babies, not about the dents in her cleavage anymore.

Besides Tori Spelling, there are some other famous people considered victim of breast implants like Jamie Lee Curtis, Sheyla Hershey, etc. What they receive is nothing more than the loss of money and the worsening of their body shape.

Tori Spelling breast implantsTori Spelling breast implants

What has gone cannot be undone. Though Tori Spelling does regret a lot at having had breast implants when she was just an adult, she cannot change this fact. What she needs to do now is find a suitable way to deal with breastfeeding problem and, of course, not via plastic surgery procedures.


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